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Living Scultptures

I believe that in every lump of clay in my hands there is a life. I just have to find it.

I always wanted to do something with my hands other than typing or changing babies nappies. I wanted to create. In 1996 a friend suggested I attend a course on Ceramic Sculpture and so it started.

My first piece of art made from clay was a foot. A very big foot. I still have it. I use it as a door stopper! But that foot literally opened the door to a whole new world. I continued my courses at the atelier of Mme Gudrun Heisecke, rue Schaub, Geneva and have attended several courses in France, Switzerland and recently Lappland to learn different techniques and improve my skills.

What started as a hobby became a passion. There is no more wonderful feeling than when that lump of clay in your hands takes shape and a face that first looks like an ogre slowly develops into something beautiful. I love sculpting human figures but my passion lies with mother and child sculptures, and as an animal lover I cannot resist sculpting animals. On my few trips to Africa I was inspired by the African culture and that features strongly in my art.

During the past years I have exhibited my sculptures at several exhibitions in Geneva and in the Pays de Gex.